Download material on "ExaFLOW use cases for Nek5000: incompressible jet in cross-flow and flow around a NACA4412 wing section"


This generic flow case of high practical relevance is obtained when a fluid jet through the wall enters a boundary layer flow along a wall. As its understanding is important in many real applications e.g. smoke and pollutant plumes or fuel injection, this flow has been the subject of a number of experimental and numerical studies over the last decades. It is also considered a canonical flow problem with complex, fully threed-imensional dynamics which cannot be investigated under simplifying assumptions that are commonly applicable to simpler flows. It makes the flow case a perfect tool for testing adaptive numerical methods for studying the stability of fluid flows and simulation capabilities, as the results have shown it to be highly dependent on a faithful resolution of the region close to the nozzle. It as well benefit for testing the feature detection and I/O reduction strategies is that it contains a variety of length scales due to boundary layer turbulence, flow instability and breakdown of the jet. We are going to consider a circular pipe perpendicular to the flat plate.


 Figure 1: