Public documents

WP1 - Requirements, test cases, coherent overall architecture

D1.3 - TIMaCS overall architecture version 2 (in german)

WP2 - Highly scalable monitoring, regression and compliance tests

D2.1 - Design of monitoring, regression and compliance test tools (in german)

WP3 - Policy based management framework

D3.1 - Analysis of Knowledge (in german)

D3.2 - Design of the logical system (in german)

WP4 -Dynamic partitioning of large systems

D4.1 - Design and specification of dynamic partitioning (in german)

WP5 - Integration in production, tests and evaluation

D5.1 - Test concept (in german)

D5.2 - Evaluation results (in german)

D5.3 - Final evaluation results (in german)

WP6 - Sustainability and training

D6.3 - Training plan and materials (in german)

D6.4 - Sustainability and licence model (in german)