Dynamic partitioning of large systems

this Workpackage will focus on the development of approaches to split large computing systems based on virtualisation techniques. For the easy creation, installation, distribution removal and management of virtaul environments appropriate tools have to be developed. A link from the tools to the policies of WP3 shall be established to react properly on actions within the systems. This reaction can be automatic problem solution (move the virtaul machine to another node) as well as the escalation of the problem to a human administrator.
A specific focus in development  will be the support of systems with a potentially very large number of virtual machines and physikal nodes. Therfore the used and developed technologies must be carefully evaluated regarding their scalability. It has to be evaluated how the data volume for distribution can be reduced (i.e. COW filesystem). and how data can be distributed among a huge number of nodes in an efficient way. The development will be done in close coordination between the industrial partners and the computation centers.