SEGL is a modern and comfortable workflow instrument to describe and execute multi-dimensional programms on distributed high-performance computing resources

Welcome to SEGL

We welcome you on SEGL website. Here we have tried to collect all the information that you may need to work with SEGL software.

For example, you may start with "Learn" section and to try some very simple examples. In this section we've described most common experiment types that you may have, for example - experiment with Loop, with Sub-experiment, with Cycle an so on. It may be very helpfull for your own experiments.

If you like to read documentation and have enough time and patience, you may start with "Documentation" section. Here you will find all the information about GriCol language that is used in SEGL, documentation about SEGL client. Also here you may see text versions of video lessons from section "Learn".  "FAQ" section will give you answers on more often questions about SEGL.

Section "Start Demo" gives you a link to start SEGL Demo-client. With Demo you can use predefined blocks and modules, you may create your own experiments but using predefined blocks. You may start your experiment and it will be executed on predefined resource. This version of SEGL client should only show the way of working. And if you have an interest, you may contact us and we will create a special account for you that will allow to start experiment on real high perfomance distributed computing resources.

Now SEGL-client is a Desktop application that you should download and install on your computer. In 2013 we will present a new web-version of SEGL-client. So you will have ability to describe and start your experiments from web-page.

We hope that our site will be helpful for you and we always open to any offers that may make SEGL better!

SEGL Features

SEGL client gives an ability to describe complex science experiments EASY

  • "Draw" experiment structure
  • Select computing resources
  • Start your task
  • Monitor task execution
  • Use comfortable tree representation of result-data and file-upload feature

With SEGL you can get results of your experiments FAST

  • Executing of indipendent sub-tasks on distributed computing resources in parallel
  • Automatic selection of the less loaded computing resource
  • Execution recovery after crush
  • Up to 1000 tasks executed simaltaneously


  • Parallel execution of independent tasks
  • Automatic change from broken or busy computing resource
  • Recovery mechanism of crushed tasks