bwGRiD F2F Meeting on 13. November 2012

I am writing to invite you all once again to our bwGRiD face-to-face meeting on Tuesday, 13.11.2012 from 10:00 am to about 17:00 pm in Tübingen at the center for data processing. The tentative agenda is listed below.


If not already done so, please sign in (number of participating individuals) no later than 10/31/2012 by mail with me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Topics of the meeting:

The meeting brings together two sub-events in a day, which will take place consecutively. These are the morning reports Status and future of bwGRiD infrastructure (bwGRiD system project) and an afternoon meeting on the progress of complementary measures.


** Provisional Agenda:

 10:00 Welcome: Introduction of participants

 10:20 Overview: The project bwGRiD

 * Status Reports:

 10:30 Esslingen

 10:40 Freiburg

 10:50 Karlsruhe

 11:00 Mannheim / Heidelberg

 11:10 Stuttgart

 11:20 Tübingen

 11:30 Ulm / Constance

 11:40 Discussion

 12:00 Lunch

 * Complementary measures

 13:15 AP1 authentication and authorization using FPS. Mechanisms

 13:30 AP2 bwGRiD User / Operations Support

 13:45 AP3.1 cluster-wide scheduling

 14:00 AP3.2 tools for data management

 14:15 AP4.1 work package: distribution, promotion, training, access

 14:30 AP4.2 integration and additional scientific users

 Professional groups with special needs

 14:45 AP4.3 User Software Competence Network

 15:00 AP5 portal dependent developments

 15:15 Discussion

 15:45 Break

 16:00 General discussion and invited lectures on selected


 17:00 End of meeting


 If necessary, parts of the agenda to be restructured.

 Location of the meeting:

 Center for Data Processing (ZDV)

 Wächterstrße 76

 72070 Tübingen

 Phone  +49 721 203-7020 1


 ZDV, Wächterstraße 76, seminar room 002 (limited to 42 participants)