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Heterogeneous AMD Fusion Llano CPU

AMD released the Fusion Llano CPU. This processor integrates four x86 Stars core (already found in the AMD Phenom II) and a AMD Radeon GPU with 400 cores in the same die. Although Intel already integrated a GPU in the Sandy Bridge die, this is the first one that is capable of OpenCL computation. This new single chip combination named as APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) brings new strengths and weaknesses.


Computing Performance: Game Over or Next Level ?

An article recently appeared on IEEE Computer highlighted once again the importance of the research themes investigated in the S(o)OS project.



Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Processors Are Here

Texas Instruments announced the OMAP 5 platform processor, the fifth generation in its OMAP application processors for mobile multimedia applications. OMAP stands for Open Multimedia Application Platform and comprises a series of processors that integrate (at least) one general-purpose ARM core and one ore more specialised co-processors to offer high performance in particular for multimedia applications with a minimal energy consumption signature.


Pure GPU Based HPC Coming to an End?

iSGTW published an article discussing the future of NVIDIA's CUDA supercomputers in light of Intel's and AMD's next generation chips


MIPS do not represent a processor's capability

EETimes published an article that discusses the "true meaning" of MIPS (millions of instructions per second) in the context of modern, diverging processor architectures.


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