S(o)OS Deliverables


Reports and Whitepapers

  1. The S(o)OS Consortium (2011). Future Large Scale Systems: Will We Still Be Able To Use Them?
  2. The S(o)OS Consortium (2011). The Next Generation of Operating Systems
  3. Discussing TeraScale Computing
  4. Baaij, C.P.R., Kuper, J. (2011). Functional Hardware Specification
  5. Schubert, L., Assel, M. (2011). HPC and PC: Two Views At The Same Thing?

Project deliverables completed so far

No.TitleCompletion DateDissemination LevelStatus
D7.1 Project Website July 2010 Public Published
D5.1 State of the Art July 2010 Public Accepted
D5.2 Future Requirements Assessment
July 2010 Public Accepted
D7.2.1 Collaboration and Dissemination Report I January 2011 Confidential Accepted
D7.2.2 Collaboration and Dissemination Report II January 2012 Confidential Submitted
D7.2.3 Collaboration and Dissemination Report III January 2013* Confidential ---
D7.3.1 Newsletter I January 2011 Public Accepted
D7.3.2 Newsletter II January 2012 Public Accepted
D7.3.3 Newsletter III January 2013* Public ---
IR2.1 First Design: "Hardware" January 2011 Internal ---
IR3.1 First Design: "Protocols" January 2011 Internal ---
IR4.1 First Design: "Execution Management" January 2011 Internal ---
D6.1 Evaluation Criteria February 2011 Confidential Accepted
D2.2 First Implementation Set: "Hardware" April 2011 Public Accepted
D3.2 First Implementation Set: "Protocols" April 2011 Public Accepted
D4.2 First Implementation Set: "Execution Management" April 2011 Public Accepted
D5.3 First Set of OS Architecture Models August 2011 Public Accepted
D6.2 Benchmarking & Evaluation #1 October 2011 Public Accepted
IR2.3 Final Design: "Hardware" April 2012 Internal ---
IR3.3 Final Design: "Protocols" April 2012 Internal ---
IR4.3 Final Design: "Execution Management" April 2012 Internal ---
D2.4 Final Implementation Set: "Hardware" July 2012 Public Submitted
D3.4 Final Implementation Set: "Protocols" July 2012 Public Submitted
D4.4 Final Implementation Set: "Execution Management" August 2012 Public Submitted
D5.4 Final Findings: OS Models January 2013* Public WiP
D6.3 Final Findings: Evaluation & Assessment January 2013* Public WiP

* Expected

WiP: Work in Progress

Other Information

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