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Debian GNU/Hurd "Wheezy" release

The Debian development team has anounced their plans for a Debian GNU/Hurd release in conjunction with other Debian "Wheezy" releases when it's out in late 2012 or early 2013. The Hurd is a kernel that consists of a set of protocols and servers that run on the Match microkernel, to complete the GNU operating system.


WebCL: executing OpenCL from the browser

A few months ago WebGL, a software library that extends JavaScript to allow it to generate interactive 3D graphics was released, yesterday it was the turn of WebCL, with the aim of allowing modern browsers to execute OpenCL kernels from javascript code. This brings GPGPU computing into web pages.


AMD's redesigns its GPU architecture

AMD presented at Fusion Developer Summit (AFDS) details about the design of Graphics Core Next (GCN). This new architecture is based on 16 wide SIMD cores which improves GPGPU computing compared to the VLIW5 & VLIW4 used till now.


Microsoft demos heterogeneous C++ for AMD APU

The second day of the AMD Fusion Developer Summit began with a keynote from Microsoft's Herb; one of the main highlights of the talk was a demo of a C++ AMP application that seamlessly took advantage of all of the compute resources within a few of the various demo systems, from workstations to netbooks.


The problem with prefetch in linux

A few days ago has been published in LWN (Linux Weekly News) an article explaining how old prefetch micro-optimization can slightly slow down the kernel in modern CPUs as it interferes with the logic of the hardware prefetching and branch prediction mechanisms.


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