EU and Brazil - bringing Wind Energy Simulation towards Exascale

The goal of HPCWE is to address the following key open challenges in applying HPC on wind energy:

The HPCWE consortium consists of 11 partners representing the top academic institutes, HPC centres and industries in Europe and Brazil. By exploring this collaboration, this consortium will develop novel algorithms, implement them in state-of-the-art codes and test the codes in academic and industrial cases to benefit the wind energy industry and research in both Europe and Brazil. 

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Beneficiaries of the Project

HPCWE’s innovation will directly and indirectly impact a wide range of beneficiaries

Wind Energy Research Groups

Advanced numerical algorithms and software to accurately model windturbine flow, unveil new fluid flow physics and identify future research topics in wind energy.

Wind Energy Industries and Consultancies

The HPC tools developed in the project will reshape many industrial practices and the R&D activities in wind energy.

Fluid Flow Simulation Research Groups

The innovation in new algorithms and methods in both micro-scale CFD and meso-scale weather simulation will allow new and larger problems to be simulated.

HPC Resource Service Providers

The improved performance and power efficiency of fluid simulation in wind energy, micro-scale CFD and meso-scale weather simulation.


You are a company form the wind energy sector interested in working together with us? You are an interested researcher? You have general questions on our work? Or none of the above? Please go ahead, leave us a message and we’ll get in touch soon!

The HPCWE project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 Framework Programme (H2020) under grant agreement number 828799