The EuroMPI started out in 1994 as a then European meeting on Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM). Users and vendors came together in Rome for a first exchange on the common problems in message-passing. The conference was found to be useful and attractive and continued over the coming years. The introduction of MPI resulted in a change in name of the conference. The meeting still focused on message-passing. Later on further methods of parallel programming were added to the series. Today EuroMPI is the leading conference for the presentation of new results in message-passing programming for large scale systems. EuroMPI will also host ParSIM 2010

Previous Conferences

2009 Helsinki / Finland

2008 Dublin / Irland

2007 Paris / France

2006 Bonn / Germany

2005 Sorrento / Italy

2004 Budapest / Hungary

2003 Venice / Italy

2002 Linz / Austria

2001 Santorini / Greece

2000 Balatonf├╝red / Hungary

1999 Barcelona / Spain

1998 Liverpool / UK

1997 Cracow / Poland

1996 Munich / Germany

1995 Lyon / France

1994 Rome / Italy