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Polca - Programming Large Scale Heterogeneous Infrastructures

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Polca (Programming Large Scale Heterogeneous Infrastructures) is a project proposal, pending of aproval, submitted to call 10 of ICT-2013-3.4, “Advanced Computing, embedded and Control Systems” as an approach to bring together High Performance and Embedded Computing. 

As one major finding from S(o)OS, a clear need for a more conclusive and in particular more powerful programming language was identified, which enables distributed operating systems to clearly unroll, split and distribute the actual application with as little loss in the potential efficiency
(theoretical peak performance) as possible. To this end, it is necessary to identify the data dependencies, but also to interpret the algorithmic intentions in a fashion that enables the compiler and the operating system to take educated decisions over distribution and deployment. Within
S(o)OS the foundation of such a programming language was laid out and discussed in great lengths in particular between UT and USTUTT-HLRS. First elaborations showed that the approach furthermore enables a compiler to control code behavior and thus influence concurrency, and implicitly scale. The discussion was extended to include University of Ulm, CETIC, EPCC, BSC, Maxeler, and University Polytechnica of Marid. 



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