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LLVM 3.3 new features

Last Updated on Monday, 27 May 2013

Next week will be released the version 3.3 of LLVM and CLANG infrastructure and it includes new exciting features.

Some of the most interesting features are:

  • Integration of the Superworld-Level Parallelism (SLP) Vectorizer, which will be improved in future releases.
  • Many improvements of the LLVM's Loop Vectorizer such as unknown trip counts, runtime checks of pointers, reverse iterators, vectorization of mixed types, vectorization of function calls among others.
  • Integration of the AMD R600 GPU back-end. This will enable Compute/OpenCL acceleration for some AMD GPUs.
  • The Clang C/C++ compiler supports now the lates C++ ISO, it is now C++11 feature-complete.
  • 64-bit ARM (ARM64) new architecture support.
  • Added support for AVX2 (intel Haswell new instruction set).

More information.

LLvm 3.3 pre-release benchmarks.

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