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ParMA Tools Package

ParMA Tools Package - an Integrated Compilation of Tools

The ParMA Tools Package is an integrated compilation of various tools developed as part of the ParMA project. These tools assist parallel programming for multi-core architectures by offering correctness-checks, performance analysis, and debuggers. The integration is based on the UNiform Integrated Tool Environment (UNITE) also developed as part of ParMA.
Download can be found at ParMA Tools Package UNITE.


Open MPI - a High Performance Message Passing Library

The Open MPI Project is an open source MPI-2 implementation that is developed and maintained by a consortium of academic, research, and industry partners.
Download can be found at OPEN MPI OPEN MPI.


Peruse - an MPI Extension for Revealing Unexposed Implementation Information

A current specification of this MPI Extension can be found at PERUSE PERUSE.


MARMOT - a Correctness Checker for MPI-programs

See MARMOT MARMOT for further details.


DDT - the Distributed Debugging Tool

DDT is a comprehensive graphical (parallel) debugger that gives users a common interface for every compiler, language and MPI distribution.
Download can be found at DDT DDT.


VAMPIR - Performance Optimization

Vampir provides an easy to use analysis framework which enables developers to quickly display program behavior at any level of detail.
Download can be found at VAMPIR VAMPIR.


Scalasca - Scalable Performance Analysis of Large-Scale Applications

Scalasca is a toolset to analyze the performance behavior of parallel MPI, OpenMP, or SHMEM applications and to identify opportunities for optimization. It has been specifically designed for use on large-scale systems.
Download can be found at scalasca Scalasca.

KOJAK - Kit for Objective Judgement and Knowledge-based Detection of Performance Bottlenecks

KOJAK is the (non-scalable) predecessor of Scalasca. The KOJAK tools are still available as part of the Scalasca toolset.

Allinea OPT

OPT - the Optimization and Profiling Tool

OPT helps users improve the performance of parallel codes - for C, C++ and Fortran MPI applications.
Download can be found at OPT OPT.

Open Trace Format (OTF)

OTF - Open Trace Format

Latest stable version can be found Open Trace Format (OTF) here.
For further details visit TUD -ZIH.
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