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Achievements: Testing and Performance Tools

Enhance and integrate already existing parallel tools (measurement, analysis, visualisation, debugging and correctness tools) to provide application developers with a powerful, user-friendly and scalable environment that covers all levels of correctness and performance debugging.

The main enhancements are:

  • Support for different flavours of parallel/ multithreaded applications, such as MPI, OpenMP, POSIX threads, and hybrid applications combining multithreaded with message-passing operations to support different styles of parallelism in a single application, esp. running on multicore architectures.
  • Support for the latest features of these programming models in conventional and, if possible, in embedded systems.
  • Integration into a common framework.

OPEN MPI OPEN MPI is a project combining technologies and resources from several other projects (FT-MPI, LA-MPI, LAM/MPI, and PACX-MPI) in order to build a completely new MPI-2 compliant implementation. Open MPI offers advantages for system and software vendors, application developers and computer science researches.

PERUSE PERUSE is a performance-revealing extensions interface to MPI. This interface is intended to provide greater insight into the performance related processes and interactions between application software, system software, and MPI message-passing middleware than the standard MPI Profiling interface (PMPI) defined by the MPI specification.

MARMOT MARMOT is an MPI correctness checker developed by HLRS and ZIH. It is based on the PMPI interface that checks during run-time whether an MPI application is using the MPI API in a correct way, e.g. regarding the use and construction/ destruction of MPI resources, and that detects deadlocks and non-portable constructs.

DDT DDT is a parallel debugging tool developed by Allinea which enables developers of software to debug and control multiple processes and threads easily. The tool aggregates the control and display of execution progress, and has specialized layers to interact with MPI libraries to view internal message buffers or data.

VAMPIR VAMPIR is a graphical performance analysis framework that provides a large set of different timeline and statistics representations of event based performance data. Vampir is developed by TUD and has been enhanced in the scope of many research and development projects. The actual version Vampir 5.0 is available as a commercial tool by GWT.

KOJAK KOJAK (developed by FZJ) is a toolset for automatic performance analysis of parallel programs using MPI-1, OpenMP 1.0, or hybrid MPI/OpenMP based on event tracing. There is also preliminary support for MPI-2 one-sided communication. It supports applications written in Fortran, C, and C++. KOJAK's instrumentation and measurement module called EPIK is also basis for the measurement library VampirTrace of the Vampir tools framework of TUD/GWT.

OPT OPT is Allinea's MPI optimisation and profiling tool, which provides message tracing and kernel-level performance information as a Grid enabled package allowing remote and local analysis of parallel software efficiency.

OTF OTF OTF is an open trace file format developed by TUD as a successor to the former Vampir Trace Format (VTF3). The read/write library is specially designed to support efficient parallel and distributed access to larger amounts of trace data.
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