about the project
Achievements: Demonstration
Evaluate and demonstrate the ParMA technology by using applications from diverse domains:
  • Avionics applications (DA, INDRA, and Robotiker)
  • Virtual reality for manufacturing processes (CEA-LIST / LSI)
  • Simulation applications (MAGMA, GNS, and RECOM)

In particular,

  • DA is studying data fusion in order to assess how to split a complex algorithm with different levels of granularity, and control flow in order to assess the conditions for parallel independent execution flows presently run sequentially
  • INDRA and Robotiker are studying the implementation of numerical algorithms (e.g. FFT) for Software Defined Radio applications on MPSoC
  • CEA-LIST / LSI are studying Virtual Reality for manufacturing processes
  • MAGMA is studying casting process simulations to predict the total casting quality by simulating heat and fluid flow and optionally stress / strain and microstructure formation phenomena
  • GNS is working on their FETI-INDEED software for simulation of metal forming
  • RECOM is working on optimising their 3D-combustion simulation code.
  • Bull is experimenting with the SPEC MPI 2007 Benchmark series to measure the performance increase that is expected from the enhancements of the Linux Operating System and from the optimization of parallel libraries, in particular in the linear algebra domain.
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