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Achievements: Design and Programming Models

Evolve methods and tools to facilitate the development (or restructuring) of parallel applications and to make them much more efficient.

The main tasks consist of:

  • Definition and implementation of a multi-level parallel programming and execution model for embedded applications and specification of a respective execution platform
  • Multilevel parallel programming with high-level directives based on OpenMP directives
  • Profiling and restructuring of sequential programs
  • Performance characterisation of multi-core /multithreaded systems through extensive benchmarking
  • Development of an expert system for optimising applications on multi-core /multithreaded systems by performing static and dynamic analysis, e.g. with respect to the efficiency of loop parallelisation, excessive cache coherence traffic, etc.
  • Adaptation of message passing APIs to MPSoC environments, probably as a subset of MPI
  • Tools for the design exploration of efficient interconnecting networks for Multiprocessors on a Chip (MPSoC)

NoC Maker NoC Maker NoC Maker is an architectural exploration tool to design networks on chip (NoCs) NoC Maker NoC Maker.

Embedded MPI project ocMPI - On-Chip MPI A lightweight implementation of the Message Passing Interface for MPSoC Embedded MPI project On-Chip MPI project .

MAQAO - a Modular Assembly Quality Analyzer and Optimizer, is a tool for analyzing and optimizing assembly code. Embedded MPI project MAQAO

  FADAlib - an implementation of the FADA (Fuzzy Array Dataflow Analysis), which is an instance-wise dependence analysis for dynamic control programs Embedded MPI project FADAlib

HMPP - the programming glue between the legacy source
and hardware-accelerated compute kernels Embedded MPI project HMPP


STEP - a tool for transforming OpenMP programs into MPI programs Embedded MPI project STEP

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