E-Health - Akogrimo eH

(See also: video eHealth scenario, eHealth prototype workflow, eHealth prototype software, video eHealth prototype, eHealth prototype network)

The Akogrimo eHealth testbed explores Grid technology and the mobility paradigm in the healthcare domain. It builds on previous successful results from a 6-year German priority research program. Target users of a Grid based healthcare information system are European citizens, demanding mobile ad hoc or pervasive healthcare services (e.g. due to emergencies or chronic diseases), and healthcare service suppliers/institutions (stationary or mobile professionals, including healthcare advisors, pharmacies, nursing services, hospitals, emergency service devices and emergency stations). It is expected that a successful implementation and dissemination of the Grid based Akogrimo healthcare testbed will significantly impact the current reorganisation processes of the European healthcare system and will provide new business models for Grid based healthcare services.

The Scenario

Nurse Maria Dippon wakes up early in the morning. At breakfast she talks to her APA – her Akogrimo Personal Assistant – to acquire her day’s visit schedule. The APA is conneted to the larger Stuttgart Mobile Virtual Healthcare District. Maria’s personal affiliation is with the Weinstadt “Sozial and Diakonie Station”. Today, Maria’s schedule includes a number of visits. For each patient to visit, Mary has already on her APA the needed information – pertinent exactly to her and her patients of today – the medicamentation plan, special issues of today etc. She also finds her route – oh, yes, the Waiblinger Strasse is obviously still barred. At first she visits Mr. Häberle., a nice sweet old man who while enjoying the comfort and love of his home he regularly requires attention due to the seriousness of his situation. Arriving at his house and examining Mr H., Nurse Maria realises an extreme change in his condition – i.e. it is her APA talking to both the small patient monitor she brought and applied - and one of the KBoDs – Knowledge Base on Duty - as Maria learned to call the real or virtual expert of the Stuttgart Mobile Virtual Healthcare District. Only a few minutes later it becomes obvious that now a real person is involved in the case: On Mr. Häberle’s large flat wall screen, a doctor not known to Maria and Mr. H. introduces himself, and addressing the old man he says: Hullo, Mr. Häberle, I am Dr. Rall from Tübingen Universitätsklinikum which is admittedly not Stuttgart. You may wonder to see me, but you and Nurse Maria managed to magically get me in. Firstly, to explain it to you – all your vital data – horrible expression I know – were fed few minutes ago into some huge calculation system – and the result was, you would better stay for some time in a hospital, do not worry. Nurse Maria – hullo by the way as well – will help you to prepare your luggage. Secondly, isn’t it that you said some time ago: If the hospital, then Tübingen!? And, to admit it – we like to have you here – says our financial department – the Krankenkasse stuff is already o.k. I can see. By the way, the ambulance is on its way – here it is. “Hallo, ambulance!” “Yes, here we are, it’s me, Karl – ten more minutes, I am in Aichschiess”. “Hm”, Maria thinks, “a good start today”. Driver Karl has still to start the on-board patient monitor after Mr. H. is safely placed into the Ambulance. It takes almost an hour to go from Weinstadt to Tübingen. The drive is quiet – none of the automatic KBoDs in the background disturbes driver and trained paramedic Karl. Mr. Häberle is peacefully snoring.   more
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