Graphical Evolution Tool (GET)

The Graphical Evolution Tool (GET) provides a complex Web-modelling environment.

GET implements three different graphical modelling methods, making GET a unique environment that integrates modelling with requirement specification and knowledge support. The integration of three different modelling methods in the same modelling environment is achieved technically by using the meta modelling paradigm and conceptually by synchronizing the methods. The three modelling methods are:
AKBPM (Akogrimo Business Process Management)
UML (Unified Modeling Language)
PROMOTE (Process Oriented Methods and Tools for Knowledge Management)

The Web-modelling environment provides four components to work on models:
Web-Modeller for editing
Web-Documentation for viewing
Web-SearchEngine for searching
Web-Import/Export for transforming

workbench components ->

GET is integrated with stand-alone model editors to allow alternatively stand-alone or Web mode, thus making GET a coherent Web-modelling environment.

Two different usage scenarios are supported by GET, firstly supporting the implementation of an application on top of the Akogrimo platform and secondly supporting the implementation of services in Akogrimo. GET uses a simple user concept for a set of user specific features and accesses to relevant knowledge. GET is part of a model oriented assistance system that guides in modeling via:
a method and according tool to be applied by the developer
knowledge from Akogrimo partners in form of graphical representation





GET can be accessed and tried under the GET website with username \'akogrimo\' and password \'akogrimo1!\'.
Further information can be asked for from

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